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As a healthcare provider, your guidance is indispensable for patients navigating the complex world of clinical trials. With your expertise and ClinConnect's robust resources, we can collaboratively provide trial options that perfectly suit your patients' individual needs and conditions — all with extraordinary speed and efficiency.

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Patients trust you as their primary source of information on clinical trials and their care plans. Be the trusted guide they seek.


Patients turn to you for trusted guidance on clinical trials and their care plans. With ClinConnect, we amplify your ability to provide them with the most suitable trial options, including those which may not be widely known. Your collaboration is vital in helping patients navigate this journey with confidence and comfort.

Together, we can bridge the gap between patient interest and knowledge, enhancing their understanding of clinical trial opportunities and empowering them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

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Your Role in Clinical Trials

Empower Your Patients Through Clinical Trials

Your role as a healthcare provider is crucial in helping patients navigate and participate in clinical trials.

Initiate Conversations with Your Patients

As a trusted healthcare provider, you have the unique opportunity to initiate conversations about clinical trials with your patients. Within the safe space of a doctor-patient relationship, you can address their questions and concerns directly, helping them understand if a trial aligns with their personal needs, lifestyle, and overall well-being. These open discussions can also dispel common misconceptions and doubts about clinical trials.

Make Informed Referrals

If you believe a patient could benefit from participating in a clinical trial, consider referring them through ClinConnect. The trial coordinator will ultimately determine their eligibility after the patient interfaces with the trial team, provides informed consent, and completes the necessary screening tests. By making informed referrals, you can enhance your patients' access to cutting-edge treatments and contribute to their overall health journey.

Champion Diversity in Clinical Trials

Diverse representation in clinical trials is crucial to addressing health disparities and inequalities in your community. Many groups are underrepresented in clinical trials due to lack of outreach and awareness. As a healthcare provider, you can actively engage these individuals and encourage their participation in trials, fostering inclusivity and advancing healthcare outcomes for all.